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Starmark Perfumes

Eyelets Puncher,Grommets,Eyelets for Tarpaulin


Eyelets/Grommets # 1 (100pcs/pack): 

P11.00/pack (400 packs & Up)

P14.00/pack (100-399 packs)

P16.00/100pcs (12-99 packs)

P23.00/pack (1-11 packs)

Eyelets/Grommets # 2 (100pcs/pack): 

P13.00/pack (400 packs & Up)

P15.00/pack (100-399 packs)

P17.00/100pcs (12-99 packs)

P24.00/pack (1-11 packs)

Eyelets/Grommets # 3 (100pcs/pack):

P15.00/pack (400 packs & Up)

P17.00/pack (100-399 packs)

P18.00/100pcs (12-99 packs)

P25.00/pack (1-11 packs)

Eyelets Puncher or Lock # 1: 

P90.00/pc (Wholesale), P100.00/pc (Retail)

Eyelets Puncher or Lock # 2: 

P90.00/pc (Wholesale), P100.00/pc (Retail)

Eyelets Puncher or Lock # 3: 

P90.00/pc (Wholesale), P100.00/pc (Retail)

Eyelets, Grommet Puncher / Press Machine: P1,200.00/Set

1 Extra Die Mould (#1, #2, or # 3): P500.00

*Eyelet # 1 Head (Inner Hole Diameter): 9.0mm
*Eyelet # 1 Head (Outer Ring Diameter): 15.5mm
*Eyelet # 1 Ring Lock (Inner Hole Diameter): 10.5mm
*Eyelet # 1 Ring Lock (Outer Ring Diameter): 15.0mm

*Eyelet # 2 Head (Inner Hole Diameter): 10.0mm
*Eyelet # 2 Head (Outer Ring Diameter): 16.0mm
*Eyelet # 2 Ring Lock (Inner Hole Diameter): 11.0mm
*Eyelet # 2 Ring Lock (Outer Ring Diameter): 15.0mm

*Eyelet # 3 Head (Inner Hole Diameter): 12.5mm
*Eyelet # 3 Head (Outer Ring Diameter): 18.5mm
*Eyelet # 3 Ring Lock (Inner Hole Diameter): 12.5mm
*Eyelet # 3 Ring Lock (Outer Ring Diameter): 16.0mm

Starmark Enterprise Philippines

1F-09, Ground Floor, 999 Mall, Bldg. 1,

Soler St., Binondo, Manila 

Tel: (02) 254-0479, 254-0612, 516-5877, 254-9628 

(02) 925-0634, 925-2284, 425-7697 

SMART: 0999-9986300 

SUN: 0922-8159718 

GLOBE: 0917-6789833 



Payments via: Metrobank, BDO, BPI, East West Bank, Accounts

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(1) For some items, please make advance orders to give us enough time to prepare them for you. Some items are pre-ordered. Some of our items will be coming from our main warehouse before they are transferred to ourstores in 999 Mall for pick up. Thank you for your cooperation. 

(2) To avoid inconvenience, we advise that you call first to check for the availability of your preferred stocks. 

(3) For most convenience, you can deposit your advance payment to our Banco De Oro (BDO) Account and METROBANK Account, BPI Account and East West Accounts few days before your preferred pick up date, to give us enough time to prepare your orders. Thank you. 

(4) For inquiries, we suggest you CALL us directly via the landline numbers/mobile numbers stated above. Due to great numbers of messages we receive daily, we might not be able to attend to your questionsvia PM (Private Messages)/text messages promptly. It will still be best to call us for immediate feedbacks. Thank you for your cooperation.



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